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    Video caption: China: The moment an earthquake hits classroom in Sichuan

    The quake has left at least four dead and 14 others injured when it hit south-western China.

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    Video caption: Shanghai lockdown: The punishing cost on small businesses

    Hairdresser Martin Li, who had to close his salon, was one of many business owners who suffered.

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    Video caption: Shanghai lockdown: Cheers and beers as Covid curbs are eased

    Residents celebrated in the streets after midnight when restrictions were relaxed.

  4. Chinese police files reveal human cost of Uyghur detention

    Faces of people in detention camps

    Thousands of photos and documents from a data hack of police files show the extent of Beijing's highly secretive system of mass incarceration. Read more

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    Video caption: Hong Kong's Omicron crisis: ‘It took just 10 days for everyone to be infected’

    Over half of those to die in the latest wave to hit Hong Kong were care home residents.

  6. Luis Lacalle Pou: Why is Uruguay moving to the right?

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    Video caption: Stephen Sackur speaks to the president of Uruguay

    Stephen Sackur speaks to Uruguay’s President Luis Lacalle Pou. Why is Uruguay going right when so much of Latin America is currently trending to the left?