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    Video caption: If I go back to Iran, my husband will kill me

    Human rights activists say the number of reported so-called 'honour killings' in Iran is rising

  2. Egypt to provide 30m Covid jabs to African states

    Mike Thomson

    BBC World Service Newsroom

    Laboratory workers supervise the production of vials of China's Sinovac vaccine against the coronavirus, produced by the Egyptian company VACSERA, in the capital Cairo, on September 1, 2021
    Image caption: Egypt will provide the Covid vaccine doses through the African Union

    The president of Egypt has promised to provide 30 million doses of coronavirus vaccine to African countries, in coordination with the African Union.

    Abdul Fattah al-Sisi made the announcement at the first pan-African health conference, which is being held in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

    Around 400 health officials, along with medical companies working in more than 100 countries, are attending the event.

    President Sisi said that although Egypt had limited resources like other African countries, it was ready to cooperate with them all.

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    Video caption: Lebanon crisis: 'A father without his children, it's terrible'

    As the economic crisis in Lebanon continues to bite, parents are struggling to support their children.

  4. Tunisia judges to strike over presidential sackings

    BBC World Service

    Judges in Tunisia are to strike for a week and stage sit-in protests against the president’s firing of dozens of their colleagues.

    President Kais Saied dismissed 57 judges this week after accusing them of corruption and protecting terrorists, in his latest step to consolidate his grip on power.

    In February he dissolved the Supreme Judicial Council which regulated judicial independence.

    He had previously suspended parliament and sacked the government.

    President Saied plans to hold a referendum next month on a replacement constitution, a move opposed by most of Tunisia’s political parties.

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    Video caption: Guinness World Record Malian nonuplets are "in perfect health"

    The world's only nonuplets - nine babies born at the same time - are "in perfect health" says their mother Halima Cissé.

  6. US condemns sacking of Tunisia judges

    Tunisian President Kais Saied
    Image caption: President Kais Saied has pushed through a series of moves expanding his powers

    The US has accused Tunisian President Kais Saied of an "alarming pattern" of actions "undermining" Tunisia’s independent institutions after he fired dozens of judges.

    State Department spokesperson Ned Price said US officials had communicated with their Tunisian counterparts on the importance of checks and balances in a democratic system.

    He said the US government had called for an “inclusive and transparent reform process with input from civil society and diverse political voices to strengthen the legitimacy of reform efforts” in Tunisia.

    Mr Saied has pushed through a series of moves expanding his powers and dismantling elected institutions since last year, when he suspended parliament.

    On Wednesday he sacked 57 judges, accusing them of corruption and protecting terrorists.

    Earlier last month, he announced a plan for a "new republic" in Tunisia which would be put to a referendum on 25 July.

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